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Warm Air Heating Via Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Conditioning and Heating Units Combined

At First Choice Air Conditioning we recognise the demand for energy efficient/ozone friendly solutions to heat your workspace and homes. With new advances in Warm Air Heating technology many people are still unaware that almost all modern air conditioning systems heat as well as cool and can achieve up to 300% efficiency in heating!

With figures like this, its easy to see why so many commercial properties rely solely on air conditioning for heating. Providing complete climate control all year round.

First Choice Air Conditioning are experts in this type of electric heating, Sheffield based, we are currently installing these A++ rated warm air heating solutions to homes and businesses throughout the UK. The feedback from our customers has been fantastic!

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Key Points

  • Highly efficient A++ rated systems
  • Instant heat
  • Zone control (separate areas can be controlled independently)
  • 7 year parts and labour warranty
  • Cooling throughout summer months

Single Split Units

Single split type air conditioning units are the least expensive air conditioning systems that we install. One outdoor unit connected to one indoor unit via 2 pipes and interconnecting cable. They are our most popular system for homes and smaller offices and are extremely economical to run.

Multi Split Units

Multi split air conditioning systems are extremely versatile, ideally suited to smaller commercial or domestic installations. They have one small external unit with a pair of pipes and interconnecting cable connected to each indoor unit. Each indoor unit can be operated independently, monitoring the temperature in its own zone and can be turned off without affecting the other units.

Vrf and Heat Recovery Units

The term VRF is an abbreviation of variable refrigerant flow, it’s also known as VRV (variable refrigerant volume) but the princples are the same. These systems control the amount of refrigerant flowing to each of the indoor units in either heating or cooling mode. This allows the end user to have a number ofindoor units in separate locations operating independently in either cooling or heating mode, making this type of system the most versatile available. Heat Recovery systems use unwanted heat, transferring it from an area of the system where it is no longer required.

Advances in inverter-control and in product development and design now mean that air conditioning is highly effective at heating different areas as well as cooling.


Increased Efficiency Over Traditional Boiler/Radiator *


Incresed Efficiency For Combined Heating And Cooling*


Reduction In Carbon Emmissions*

*At peak performance in well insulated properties. Mitsubishi Electric conducted a year-long study into a WY GSHP condenser providing heating and cooling for a 150 m2 open-plan office with a predominantly south-west-facing aspect through four ducted indoor units. The system was compared with a modern efficient boiler (with a COP of 0.95) and a chiller system that has passed the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme requirements. Further information can be found here and here. E&OE

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