Warm Air Heating Systems Pros and Cons

What is a Warm Air Heating System?

The simple explanation of a warm air heating system is that it pulls in heat from the outside air and heats it. This warm air circulates via ducts, vents or grills which are located throughout the home. These heating systems are often managed by a thermostat and offer viable alternative home heating and business heating systems. In this post we will explore the warm air heating pros and cons and how these systems can be incorporated into your home or business premesis.

Types of Warm Air Heating System

There are different types of warm air heating system available, these are the 3 main ones:

  • Air Source Heat Pumps
    Just think of an air conditioning unit cooling the air inside but in reverse. Air source heat pumps extract heat from even cold outdoor temperatures to heat rooms around your home. First Choice Aircon specialise in warm air heating uk (see our heating page https://firstchoiceaircon.co.uk/warm-air-heating/) homes and businesses using this modern air source heat pump technology. See the following video presentation from George Clarke and Mitsubishi Electric.

  • Ground Source Heat Pump
    Unbeknown to many, below ground level is a constant renewable supply of heat which can be used to heat your home or business. This is known as a Ground Source Heat Pump. Pipes are buried underground, air passes through, is warmed underground and compressed. This can then be used to heat your premises.
  • Gas-fired
    To put it simply, this system warms cool air over a gas flame.


Pros of Warm Air Heating

There are many benefits that a warm air heating system can bring to your home and the cost of upgrading to warm air heating can be far less than you may think.

A modern warm air heating air system provides fast warm up times and will heat your home or business very quickly.

The setup location of the systems eliminates the need for radiators giving you more freedom in terms of room layout.

Warm air systems are renowned for their quiet operation so your home or business will not be disturbed by unwelcome noises.

Modern warm air heating system are very energy efficient with running costs as much as 20% lower than some other types of heating system.

Modern systems have electronic controls to deliver a stable temperature and give you even greater control of your energy use.

Some warm air systems can include the option of electronic filtration which regularly removes 95% of all airborne particles such as pollen, human and pet hair and bacteria.

Cons with Warm Air Heating

Many warm air heating systems do not heat water so you may need to keep a gas boiler or an immersion heater to compensate.

Retrofitting ducting or vents into a residential property can be difficult and will mean having visible ducts throughout.

The market for warm air systems is not as competitive as that of gas boilers so prices can be higher than equivalent gas central heating systems yet prices are falling and the cost of upgrading warm air heating has fallen significantly in recent years.

A warm air heating system will move air and therefore dust throughout your premises which can be a problem for people who suffer with allergies.

Replacing Your Current Heating System

While warm air systems were a popular choice in the 1960s and 1970’s, today the majority of homes in the UK rely on gas boilers. Back in the 1960s and 70s there were not many boilers which were suitable for heating small properties so warm air heating was an effective and energy efficient alternative. As boiler technology advanced to meet this demand, warm air systems did not really progress at the same rate. There were very few manufacturers and the systems were considered difficult to retrofit into existing properties.

Fortunately, things have moved on in recent years meaning that all but the old gas-powered warm air systems are now a seriously viable option for homes and businesses. In the past they were only recommended if incorporated into well insulated new buildings. Recent advances in insulation technology and other energy saving measures, relating to both homes and businesses, means this is no longer the case. The benefits of warm air heating are numerous and if you are interested in looking into if it’s right for your home or business then First Choice Aircon would be happy to advise you on your options, either call us on 07877247661 or email enquiries@firstchoiceaircon.co.uk 

In summary many of the systems detailed in this article now offer a viable alternative to traditional gas boiler heating systems. The current push towards renewable energy sources with elements like the Green Homes Grant have also highlighted the commitment that the UK government have to these types of system as they will assist to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and meet international commitments on reducing carbon emissions in the coming years.

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