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Install Air Conditioning

Install Air Conditioning

What does it take to install air conditioning? It is becoming more and more apparent that, even here in the UK, air conditioners are a necessity for both homes and businesses during the sweltering summer months. Pollution, noise, and the proximity to others in urban...

Air Conditioning and Heating Units Combined UK

Air Conditioning and Heating Units Combined UK

What are the types of air conditioning and heating units combined available here in the UK? Air conditioning systems. These are not something we think about much in the UK until that one day we get hot and bothered. That is when you need to know which air conditioner...

Air Conditioning Heating Unit

Air Conditioning Heating Unit

What is an Air Conditioning Heating System? Did you realise that many air conditioning units can act as heat pumps, capable of providing heat, with greater output than their traditional heating system while using less energy to do it? In summer nobody thinks twice...

Air Source Heat Pump Grants

Claim up to £1000, With the Green Homes Grant.Air Source Heat Pump Grants available as part of UK Government Green Homes Grant If you’re a homeowner or residential landlord you can apply for a Green Homes Grant voucher towards the cost of installing energy efficient...

Warm Air Heating Systems Pros and Cons

Warm Air Heating Systems Pros and Cons

What is a Warm Air Heating System? The simple explanation of a warm air heating system is that it pulls in heat from the outside air and heats it. This warm air circulates via ducts, vents or grills which are located throughout the home. These heating systems are...

Air Source Heat Pumps – The Eco Option

Air Source Heat Pumps – The Eco Option

Recent advances in technology mean that modern air source heat pumps are self-contained units and only ever require electric and/or water connections. They are low maintenance, quiet to run and can be discreetly placed inside or outside homes. They are also suitable...

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Commercial Aircon

Whether it’s your high street shop, office block, factories or small business a commercial air conditioning installation could be the perfect solution …

Domestic Aircon

Hot conservatory or bedroom in the summer? Cold in the winter? Whatever the problems, a domestic air con installation could be perfect for you …

Hospitality Aircon

Maintaining a comfortable temperature is key to providing a positive atmosphere amongst your visitors, we have a solution to suit you…

Server Room Aircon

We can provide solutions to your warm or even overheating server room. No problem is too big or small, including large air con installations …

Air Conditioning Service/ Air Conditioning Maintenance

We provide professional servicing and maintenance work in Sheffield and South Yorkshire for all types and makes of air conditioning systems.

Air conditioning repairs / Air conditioning Servicing

Air Conditioning Systems are extremely reliable, but still require servicing to ensure system performance isn’t reduced or broken.

Air conditioning heating / Air Source Heat Pumps

Advances in inverter-control and in product development and design now mean that air conditioning is highly effective at heating different areas as well as cooling.