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Ducted Air Conditioning Units

Ducted air conditioning system installations are generally above ceilings and stay out of sight. Ducting is installed and leads to a number of supply and return air grills in the ceiling. In an open plan situation with no suspended or solid ceiling the whole unit and ducting can be seen, this making a feature of the complete installation. Generally designed to be in large open plan areas but also suited to low ceiling situations where airflow is to be kept to a minimum. Air flow dampers installed on supply grills mean excellent air flow control.

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Cassette Air Con Systems are ideally installed into a suspended or false ceiling usually in an office block or shopping outlet.

Under Ceiling

Under ceiling air conditioning units are often installed to areas where a cassette air conditioning unit is not an option.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted air conditioning installations are possibly the most commonly used air conditioning systems.

Floor Standing

Floor mounted air conditioning units are widely used for domestic installations, great for limited space.

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