Alternatives to Central Heating from First Choice Air Conditioning

The Energy-Efficient Alternative to Central Heating

As we all know heating our homes with gas central heating comes with a hefty price tag, and if you believe the science (as we do), it’s only going to get heftier as reserves are depleted and fossil fuels become more and more expensive!

According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, an average 60% of energy bills is spent on heating, and a further 15% on hot water. With such a large sum of money needed to power home heating systems, finding the best possible alternative to gas central heating systems seems like the obvious way forward when looking to minimise monthly outgoings.

It’s an expensive business, upgrading or replacing a gas boiler. Given the volatile nature of energy prices (as detailed above) and the current push for eco-friendly living, looking at the alternatives to gas boilers seems like a smart idea. Not only will you reduce the risk of carbon monoxide building up in your home, you’ll also be future-proofing and adding value to your house.

So what is a good alternative to central heating and gas boilers?

Air Source Heat Pumps

These are the types of unit that we supply here at First Choice Air Conditioning. Their process is based on converting base air temperature. The premise is that the air outside contains heat even when it might not feel like it. An air-source heat pump extracts heat from the air outside (some models doing so in temperatures as low as -25C) and uses it to deliver heating and hot water.

There are two kinds of air source heat pumps: air-to-air (the type supplied by First Choice Aircon) and air-to-water. They generate heat in the same way but deliver it differently. Air-to-air heat pumps heat the space via a network of fans and can provide cooling during the summer. Meanwhile, air-to-water heat pumps heat more conventional wet central heating systems (radiators and underfloor heating).

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Another alternative to central heating systems. Ground source heat pump systems are made up of a ground loop (a network of water pipes buried underground) and a heat pump at ground level.

A mixture of water and anti-freeze is pumped around the ground loop and absorbs the naturally occurring heat stored in the ground. The water mixture is compressed and goes through a heat exchanger, which extracts the heat and transfers it to the heat pump. The heat is then transferred to your home heating system

Hybrid Heating Systems

These systems combine a gas boiler with a heat pump. This means you can make the switch to heat pumps without having to replace your boiler. For instance you could have an Air source Heat Pump for your heating statem while still relying on a gas boiler for your hot water. A recent government report shows that a hybrid air source heat pump can reduce your boiler usage by up to 80%.

If you would like to know more about any of these stystems then feel free to give our friendly knowledgable staff a call on 07877247661or drop us an email below and we’ll be happy to assist.

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