Why Use an Air Conditioning Heating Unit?

What is an Air Conditioning Heating System?

Did you realise that many air conditioning units can act as heat pumps, capable of providing heat, with greater output than their traditional heating system while using less energy to do it?

In summer nobody thinks twice about turning to the air conditioner to make themselves more comfortable. However, in the winter months we try to combat the cold with radiators or electric heaters. But what if you could use that air conditioner as a heat source?

Air conditioning heating units these day produce astonishing efficiently with some air conditioning manufactures producing 6 times the input value (3 times is the average). Conversely with conventional electric heating systems, 1kW of input energy provides less than 1kW of output energy or heat. With figures like this it is no wonder the air conditioning heating unit is one of the ways to reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint.

This is ideal for commercial premises which are in use all year round and require large spaces to be cooled in summer and heated in winter. Your office, leisure facility or school buildings can use one system for both functions through heat pump technology.

How do they work?

A heat pump works in a similar way to a refrigerator, just in reverse. Air from outside the building is pumped in through a unit (attached on the outside of the building). The air is drawn in, absorbed into the system and turned into heat via a fluid which gets compressed to raise the temperature. At this point, the heat is either distributed as warm air in your building or by providing warmth for your system. This air conditioning heating is not only more efficient it’s also semi-renewable.

An air conditioning heating unit can draw in even cold air and still provide heat (great news in the UK), but it’s normally less effort for your heat pump if you have the unit on the outside of the building placed in an area which sees a lot of sunlight. This means it will draw in warmer air and use less energy to create heat in the system.



Pros of Air Conditioning Heating Units

  • Universal heating and cooling from one unit
  • Reduced need for other complex heating systems
  • Easy to use with automatic settings
  • Low maintenance systems
  • The unit is easily installed to the outside of your building – saving space inside
  • Lower bills due to greater efficiency
  • No requirement for delivery of fuel
  • Better for the environment


Cons of Air Conditioning Heating Units

  • Outside wall space is required for the installation
  • Efficiency can vary depending on outside temperatures


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